Americans for Prosperity Thank Metcalfe for leadership on Paycheck Protection

AFP-PA Applauds House Committee for Passing Paycheck Protection Legislation

Nov 21, 2017 by AFP

HARRISBURG, PA – Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania (AFP-PA) today applauded the House State Government Committee for passing HB 1174 and SB 166, paycheck protection bills that would end the taxpayer-funded collection of union political money from state workers’ paychecks. Currently, public-sector unions use taxpayer-funded resources to collect political contributions that the unions can use toward causes that the worker may or may not agree with.

“Under no circumstances should taxpayer money be used for political purposes. Taxpayers have a right to choose where their hard-earned money goes. They certainly shouldn’t be forced to pay for partisan politics,” said AFP-PA State Director Beth Anne Mumford. “We thank Majority Whip Cutler, Senator Eichelberger, and Rep. Metcalfe for leading on this issue. We applaud the House State Government Committee for passing this common sense reform and urge the full House to bring it up for a vote immediately.”

Americans for Prosperity-Pennsylvania has long championed paycheck protection reforms. In 2014, the organization held a massive rally at the Capitol, sent thousands of emails and phone calls to lawmakers offices, educated the public with digital ads and microsites, and key voted legislation.

For further information or an interview, reach Lorenz Isidro at or 703.887.7724

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