Metcalfe releases "Regulatory Overreach” Report To Rein In Over-Regulation

State lawmakers and business leaders joined together on Jan. 16 to announce the release of a report on “regulatory overreach” by the state House of Representatives’ State Government Committee.

The group also announced plans for the introduction of several bills specifically designed to rein in overregulation.

“The Regulatory Overreach Report is a compilation of the findings from a series of public hearings that I convened to gather testimony from various employers, organizations and experts on state regulatory policy,” said state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, R-Butler, according to a statement on the House GOP caucus website.

Metcalfe, chairman of the State Government Committee, said the “report clearly demonstrates that it’s long-past time for the legislature to avenge the ever-increasing injustices of Pennsylvania’s restrictive regulatory environment. Overregulation caused by unelected government bureaucrats is killing family-sustaining jobs, strangling opportunity and crippling economic growth.”

The committee heard testimony that Pennsylvania currently has more than 153,000 regulatory restrictions that stretch across every industry, according to the statement.

The package of bills included, among other proposals, the following:

• HB 1972, which would give the Pennsylvania General Assembly the ability to initiate the repeal of any state regulation in effect by concurrent resolution.

• HB 209 to establish an independent office to review existing regulations and refer recommendations for repeal to the governor, executive agencies and lawmakers.

• HB 1237 would require votes in the legislature to approve any “economically significant regulation,” defined as ones that have fiscal impact of $1 million or more in the public or private sectors.

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