Metcalfe slams governor for not sharing records of illegal registrations

The governor announced on July 20 that he had directed the creation of a “workgroup” of eight state agencies and offices to look into election security. In a release on the governor’s website, he tied the action directly to a recent indictment of a number of Russian nationals for alleged actions against U.S. voting systems.

Metcalfe responded this week with a statement of his own, calling Wolf’s actions “a supreme act of hypocrisy.” The Cranberry Township Republican noted that he has been locked in a months long battle with the Wolf administration over access to records of foreign individuals illegally registered to vote in Pennsylvania.

“Wolf and his Department of State have been dragging their feet at every turn to keep records regarding foreign nationals illegally registering to vote in Pennsylvania hidden from the public,” Metcalfe wrote. “It is precisely the governor’s obstruction and obstinate refusal to release this information that is truly disturbing, and calls into question, not for the first time, the Wolf administration’s judgment, priorities and commitment to transparency and election integrity.”

Metcalfe also said that he intends to use his committee chairmanship to exercise oversight of the Wolf administration when it comes to election integrity, vowing to hold a public hearing in the fall on the topic.

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