Metcalfe Opposes Last Minute Amendment Designed to Derail Effort to Shrink State House

From the 10-03-18 Butler Eagle:

A recent amendment to a Pennsylvania House of Representatives bill threatens an effort to reduce the size of the House just before the bill nears the end of its four-year road to final approval.

State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, R-12th, said in a phone interview Tuesday that the amendment to also shrink the Senate is a play to delay the vote. Some legislators, he said, might be trying to avoid eliminating their own jobs.

"They're trying to create political cover," Metcalfe said. "That's a red herring they're throwing out there just to distract voters."

Metcalfe said he thinks voters would pass the measure, if given the choice.

"I think the majority of the population believes we could do better with a smaller legislature," he said.

Metcalfe offered some speculation of the bill's upcoming timeline. He said he had expected to debate the bill and its amendment over the last couple of weeks and hopes to see it debated next week.

He noted that he'd heard rumors of fellow representatives wanting to wait and vote on it in November, after the general election. He said he'd prefer to avoid a vote in a lame-duck session, but that it could happen if voting days are extended.

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