Metcalfe Votes to Ban Lawmakers From Using State-Leased Vehicles

From PA Watch Dog - 10-04-18

Pennsylvania state Rep. Brad Roae's legislation (will) forbid lawmakers from using state-leased vehicles.

Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, R-Cranberry Township, whose State Government Committee had originally examined Roae's bill, noted that oftentimes in the private sector, businesses offer neither staff cars nor mileage, given that workers have the option of noting their mileage on their tax returns and getting reimbursed that way.

"I know there's a small number of individuals in this General Assembly that are still taking leased vehicles and want to still hold on to that, what they see as a benefit," he said. "Today they're trying to argue it's a benefit on behalf of taxpayers. I think they're totally, 100 percent wrong."

Roae's legislation passed on a vote of 140-44 and heads to the Senate for consideration.

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