Metcalfe touts advantages of paper ballots Need for more funding cited

HARRISBURG — While county commissioners continue working out the details of the switch to a paper ballot voting system, several state legislators gathered Tuesday in Harrisburg to emphasize the importance of paper ballots and advocate for an increase in funding for the initiative.

State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, R-12th, and members of the state government committee hosted the conference Tuesday morning, arguing that the switch to paper protects voter rights and minimizes the potential for foreign interference.

Metcalfe closed the conference by saying he wants to see the state legislature take a greater role in election security. He called on county governments to work with the legislature on getting reforms passed.

“It's one of our primary responsibilities,” he said. “So, let's get the job done.”

Metcalfe said he believes it's the state legislature's job to mandate election changes, not the governor's.

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